Friday, June 4, 2010

Bitsy Bust Swimwear is at the Jersey Shore

Come and check out Bitsy Bust Swimwear at the Jersey Shore!

The following stores are carrying Bitsy Bust Swimwear:

4105 Landis Ave
Sea Isle City, NJ

She Be Surfin'
2516 Dune Drive
Avalon, NJ

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bitsy Bust Swimwear - Green Paisley Tankini

Green Paisley Tankini - This green paisley tankini is a "fun" paisley print for summer and for those looking for a little more coverage than a bikini. It has our added "boost" inside which adds 1 size to your bustline. The halter ties at the neck. The bottoms are full coverage. Sizes are 00-8. Bottoms come in the side tie (shown in picture) or O-Ring.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bitsy Bust Swimwear Bikinis - Green Paisley and Pink Ruffle

Green Paisley O-Ring Bikini - This green paisley bikini is a "fun" paisley print for summer. It has our added "boost" inside which adds 1 size to your bustline. The halter ties at the neck and the back so you can adjust the size. The bottoms are full coverage. Sizes are 00-8.

Pink Ruffle Bikini - This ruffle bikini is a fun, girly playful suit in a fun pink color. The ruffles definitely give a fuller look on the bustline and also have the added "boost" inside that adds 1 size to your bustline. The suit comes with a removable strap and ties in the back so you can adjust the size. My model is a AA/A so the "boost" definitely works. Sizes are 00-8.

Brown Ruffle Tankini

Brown Ruffle Tankini - This beautiful brown ruffle tankini is very feminine. The ruffle gives the illusion that you are a little fuller on top and it also has the added "boost" inside which will also add 1 size to your bustline. The sizes are 00-8. (The sizes came in smaller than expected). If you are interested in this suit, please email me your size and I will get back to you with availability @

Violet Wrap Tankini

Violet Wrap Tankini - This wrap tankini is a beautiful violet color. It has a halter strap (not shown in picture). It has our added "boost" inside which adds 1 size to your bustline. The bottoms are full coverage. Sizes are 00-8. My model is a AA/A so the "boost" definitely works.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bitsy Bust Swimwear first showing

Bitsy Bust Swimwear had its first official showing. My friend Angel had a Fundraising Event for the American Liver Association. Here are some pictures from the event. Thank you to my first "Bitsy Bust" customers!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tankinis & Bikinis for Small Busts - Bra size AA, A, & B

Coming Soon! Bitsy Bust Swimwear will be offering 4 tankinis and 3 bikinis for all you ladies who are looking for a little extra boost and shape for your bustline. We will keep you posted on the arrival of our swimwear!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Naming Bitsy Bust Swimwear

I know many of you are wondering how I picked the name, Bitsy Bust Swimwear. I wanted woman to know from reading the name what we were all beating around the bush! Some of the other contenders were Flattery, "A" Flattering Fit, "A" Perfect Fit, Humble Peaks, and Sweet Nothings. My talented and humorous friends, Anna and Marisa, helped brainstorm names with me. You could only imagine how many good laughs and looks we got that evening! I have to admit I get a lot of interesting comments on my name. I think the name is a bit catchy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Follow me on "My Journey of Bitsy Bust Swimwear"

Welcome to the blog of Bitsy Bust Swimwear! I would like to invite you all to follow me on my journey as I launch my 2010 Bitsy Bust Swimwear line this Spring! I am very excited about it and the endless solutions for all you Bitsy Bust ladies out there! One thing I have learned through this process is that everyone has a "Bitsy Bust" friend. I would love for you to forward this blog to all your friends and family and specifically your "Bitsy Bust" friends. To follow me, sign-in on, then click on Follow at the top of my blog.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The "Business Plan"

In December 2000, I graduated with my MBA and my final assigment was to write a business plan. At the time, I remember thinking when will I ever use this again. Will I ever really write a business plan again? I was also expecting my first child at the time. Well, in July 2009, I started pulling out all my books and recalling what I had learned from those 2 years in my MBA program. I started doing a lot of research. I mean a lot of research! I studied the Industry and Trends, Target Market, researched my competition everywhere, came up with my Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy, the Financials, and so on....

In the course of studying my competition, I started buying swimwear in the US and even overseas. I studied designers, various swimwear websites, department stores, other petite focused websites and companies. I was curious what was out there and I was determined to find it.

I also started attending swimwear tradeshows. I tried on a lot of swimwear at the tradeshows. I am sure the sales reps thought I was crazy! All I knew was I was on a journey, an find fashionable, trendy swimwear that complemented a small bustline (AA, A and small B) and to help woman like myself!

As a mom of 3 children, I spent a lot of my summers in swimsuits and I wanted to LOOK GOOD and feel comfortable! I didn't feel I should have to search high and low for great, fashionable swimwear. I envisioned a "place" - possibly a website or brand that "specialized" in swimwear for a small bust. A company that took the styles that complemented a small bust and then added a "little boost" to them. And that is how the idea of Bitsy Bust Swimwear came to be!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Journey of Bitsy Bust Swimwear

Welcome to the Bitsy Bust Blog! I would like to share my story and how I came to launch a new swimwear line, Bitsy Bust Swimwear. For a decade, I have struggled finding fashionable, trendy swimwear that flattered my small bustline. After having 3 wonderful babies, I was left a little "unblessed" in the bustline department.

I remember sitting in the doctor's office in July 2009 and I read an article about Sara Blakely and her journey with Spanx. Sara and her girlfriends would cut their pantyhose and wear them under their pants. I recalled my own life and how my college friends and I would "alter our swimsuits" and add a little boost to them. Surely if my college friends and I experienced difficulty with swimsuits, then I knew there had to be a lot of other woman struggling in this same area.

My vision was to create a place for the "Bitsy Bust" ladies to shop for swimwear. This "place" would have swimwear in an array of colors, styles and patterns. A place with swimwear that is colorful, classy, sassy and fun and ALL geared toward woman like myself! I knew this was possible and therefore I was on a journey to search out all the possibilities!