Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Journey of Bitsy Bust Swimwear

Welcome to the Bitsy Bust Blog! I would like to share my story and how I came to launch a new swimwear line, Bitsy Bust Swimwear. For a decade, I have struggled finding fashionable, trendy swimwear that flattered my small bustline. After having 3 wonderful babies, I was left a little "unblessed" in the bustline department.

I remember sitting in the doctor's office in July 2009 and I read an article about Sara Blakely and her journey with Spanx. Sara and her girlfriends would cut their pantyhose and wear them under their pants. I recalled my own life and how my college friends and I would "alter our swimsuits" and add a little boost to them. Surely if my college friends and I experienced difficulty with swimsuits, then I knew there had to be a lot of other woman struggling in this same area.

My vision was to create a place for the "Bitsy Bust" ladies to shop for swimwear. This "place" would have swimwear in an array of colors, styles and patterns. A place with swimwear that is colorful, classy, sassy and fun and ALL geared toward woman like myself! I knew this was possible and therefore I was on a journey to search out all the possibilities!

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